Leidner Designs, LLC offers service and attention you won't find elsewhere. Whether we are creating new designs with the hazardous location requirements in mind from the start, or helping clients modify existing designs to make them hazardous location compliant, we offer the level of attention your project deserves.

We walk each client through the steps of product creation with the essential skills, organization, and expertise needed:

  • We work with electrical and other engineers to address requirements on a product system level.
  • We help clients find vendors to source model/prototype parts and lead the transition to building working models and prototypes of the design needed.
  • We personally guide clients through test planning and testing of their product to assure outcomes and needs are met.
  • We help clients or their chosen manufacturer set up manufacturing process including work instructions, critical to quality checks, part inspection requirements, etc. for the mechanical parts and overall assembly.
  • Finally, we assist clients prepare for and-once ready-guide them through the certification process.



We help clients realize their designs from the initial concept, or modify their existing designs to meet new goals.

With 15 years in new product development of electromechanical systems, we are highly experienced in:

  • Hazardous location product design and certification requirements and all types of mechanical part designs including machined, molded, cast, and sheet metal part design.
  • Rapid prototyping techniques and methods, design for manufacturability, design for test, design for serviceability.
  • Lean manufacturing, quality systems, requirements development, verification plan development.